an open letter to rosemary

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Dear rosemary,

I love you. I love your flavor, your versatility and complete mellow compatibility with so many other spices and herbs. But there is one way in which I do not love you, and only tolerate your presence.

When you come in a bottle and are dry and brittle, I use you out of necessity. In this form you are hardly edible. I don't mean to hurt your feelings here, I'm just an honest person. The fact is, I love your flavor so much, especially paired with carrots, chicken and onions, that I am able to tolerate your stick-like texture. Because it really is like eating sticks when you come from a bottle.

Praise be raised to the roommate who has planted a new rosemary bush in the backyard. So dear rosemary, please grow fast and big so that I may stop having to endure you in stick form.