traveling along

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I write this while sitting on a plane, midway through my four-hour flight. I'm watching “The Artist” and finding it annoying because it's a silent film so I actually have to watch it instead of just listen. Also, I'm loving that they gave me the whole can of ginger ale instead of serving a meager portion of mostly ice.

I'm feeling relieved it's spring break this week. School, work and articles for the paper keep me so busy I hardly have time to eat a proper meal. It's been nice these past few days to sleep in and enjoy the sunny spring-like weather.

I'm now on my way to Washington D.C. Of course, by the time you read this I'll already be there. Preparing for this trip has reminded me how lucky I've been on my vacations these past few years. First New York City and then Boston and now D.C. I'm excited for the adventures that await me there this week.

Every time I think about going on vacation, I always wish for somewhere warm. Someplace with palm trees, sand, and waves. I want warmth and water. But the last handful of times I've opted for the city instead. Which I've loved and wouldn't do it differently if given the choice.

I've thought recently about my experiences traveling alone. I typically travel alone, but meet up with people at the destination. The first time I traveled alone I was terrified. A layover in Atlanta and a 4 hour drive in Florida navigated alone left me exhausted physically and mentally. It feels I've come a long way since then. The same long weekend trip to Key West would not be nearly the ordeal it was three years ago.

Which makes me wonder what it would be like to vacation completely by myself now. I've wondered for a while if I would ever feel brave enough to visit a place by myself. Only this year has that prospect even seemed like a possibility.

So maybe my next vacation I will go alone. Maybe to a beach somewhere. Or to a new city to explore all by myself. Or maybe I'll start with a day trip to somewhere near by. And maybe a road trip over a long weekend.

Or maybe vacations are better spent with people you care about.

Either way, I look forward to the next adventure.