The Story of the Train Cap & How I Wore It

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If you recall from my Sunday post, I finished my train cap.  Yay!  It went a lot easier that I thought it would.  Maybe because I had never made a hat before.  And maybe because I had to alter to pattern to fit my head. 

You see, I saw a sew-along on this blog.  And I loved that hat!  Except it's for toddlers.  Hmmm.  But the pattern was only $6 so I went here and purchased it. Besides, I already had the perfect corduroy to use.  How difficult can it be to make a toddler hat fit an adult?  I printed it with the expectation of SOMEDAY getting around to altering it and sewing up one fabulous train cap for mui!  


School got rolling and the pattern hung up on the line for months. Literally.  There is a clothes line' in my office space with things to do. And it was staring at me.  The corduroy was calling my name.  I finally set aside the time, over the weekend, and started to work on it.


It moved along faster than I thought.  I remembered to read ahead in the instructions at least one step.  Well, read through the whole thing once, then keep ahead of myself so I don't sew something together and then have to rip it out to do the next step.  If that's one thing I've learned on this sewing journey, do NOT assume you know what the next step is.  Sheesh.


And wala!  Completed little train cap for mui!  (I lined mine with flannel)  I sported it around town while running errands the other day.  It was the perfect amount of spunk I needed to brighten up my gray Sunday.


See?  I don't even look like a toddler.  Ha!


White T: Target

Gray Skinnies: Forever 21

Gray Cardigan: ModCloth

Scarf: Citrine Cowl from my shop

Train Cap: Handmade by ME!

Houndstooth Brooch: Handmade by ME! Coming soon to the shop

Earrings: Handmade by ME! 

Shoes: Black Corduroy Toms


It has become increasingly more fun to wear things I've made.  Makes me want to make more things.  Yay!



This week

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In… life.  Uck.

I feel very far behind.  But I'm not sure what I'm behind.  Or how to catch up.  So this weekend is filled with to do lists.  And most likely a trip to my beloved park and shady spot to focus on the future and what it is that I NEED.  I'm kinda over the want stuff.  I want a lot of stuff.  I think it's about time to focus in on the need stuff.

By the way… HAPPY OCTOBER!

In the mean time.  I'm crocheting like crazy.  Or like a crazy person.  I can't decide. 


Also, I've picked up some yarn while it's on sale.  Yeah, I said some.  There was some self control exercised.


I have a handful of finished projects I need to get pictures of and post in the shop.  Despite what it looks like, I have been productive.  I promise.

I have a halloween costume to be working on.  Not mine, it belongs to a friend.  Mr. Incredible gets more muscles this year.  Kinda fun.

And in the mean time.  I need to clean this place up.  Good grief!  Who lives here anyway?  




Last week


in crafting.  Since I took an involuntary week off I thought I'd catch you up on the makings going on over here!


 Remember this dress.  Well it is now two lovely pillows.  They adorn my cozy bed.  


There are enough scraps left over to make another.  So we'll see what happens with that.


 This is Ellie's new bag.  We fill it up with leash and food when she heads to Paula's every week.  It's a bit smaller than the two red ones I made before.  It's just the perfect size!

There was alot of crocheting going on too.  But alas, no pictures this time.  Maybe next week!

Happy crafting!


This week in … crafting


I've been tackling my crochet projects as well as start, what feels like, a million sewing projects.  With the week I've had, it's amazing I've managed to get up in the morning.  Let alone get involved with the extracurricular.

So along with a finished project, you'll see a few in progress.


 This one has been alot of fun.  It's neck warmer.  I've wanted to get that yarn for a long time.  I finally bit the bullet at got it.  And I so love it.  I'll have it finished up in the next day or two and I'll show you what it looks like finished.  It has a button hole!


This was a Home Ec project, a zippered pencil case.  This is a bit of hand me down fabric that has glitter on it.  This one was fun because I made it to give it away.  Went out in the mail last Saturday with a little surprise inside.  It was so cute!


  I've started deconstructing this dress.  It's one my mom used to wear in the 70s.  I got to wear it for a short time in junior high.  But it hasn't fit me in a long while.  I've decided to make some pillows out of it.  Excited.


You can't really tell how long it is in this, but it used to be longer.  I've taken in the sides and shortened it.  It was a dress I got on clearance 2 years ago, still had the tags on it.  🙂  I've never found the right place to wear the dress, and it was a little big.  Even when I bought it.  It still needs a bit of work, but it's well on it's way to becoming a wearable tunic.  Yay!


 My little dog goes to a little doggie sleep over every week while I'm at my late classes.  This week I used the heart bag I had made to cart her supplies.  It's a touch too big.  So I found this doggie fabric to make her a doggie bag.  It's sooo cute!  It has little wiener dogs on it! So excited to make a smaller bag that will be less cumbersome and super cute at the same time.  

And that's it!  Since this weekend is 3 days long, I'll be getting all this stuff finished and cleaned up.  With few other projects on the list, it'll be a busy weekend.  Since there's not money to spend, finishing the current projects is a good idea. 🙂

Happy crafting!