do you meetup?

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I've joined a group. Finally!


I've always found it fun to try new things and go adventuring. Which would be why there are random things in my storage that have fun memories but little usage. Like the fly rod, reel, and flies. And the golf clubs. And the climbing harness and shoes.

The problem I've come across is in all these things is I'm completely the novice. Which is the level below beginner. I have no skill, only a few positive experiences that make me want to do them again. And I know practice makes perfect, but it sure is more fun to practice with someone else, right? Not to mention more safe. Because let's face it, it's not super safe to go on a fishing adventure or rock climbing by myself. So I don't. Which means I don't do those things as much as I used to.

BUT! I've been intived to join a girls only (since boys are gross) adventure group by a friend of a friend who I met recently. The vehicle used to organize this group, that is now more than 65 girls strong, is Have you heard of it? Do you use it?

I had heard of this site a while ago and explored it a little bit, but couldn't get in to it at the time. And while I've been brave lately and had positive experiences by myself, I sure do enjoy having company so much more. So already knowing the organizer of the group, and having met a few of the members already, I'm much more brave and ready to give it a try.

The cool thing about meetup is that I can put in my interests and it gives me a list of groups or meetups that are relevant. So I put in snowshoeing as an interest, I get back 10 different groups that list snowshoeing as an activity. Also, knitting, indie films, dog walking, sewing, and wine and beer tasting were also explored. There are tons of people doing things all the time! I just have to be brave enough to get out an join them. 🙂

So tell me, do you meetup? 

The picture above is from an adventure to Desolation Lake in June 2010. Yep, sledding in June. And it was epic.