on my television


It’s interesting to me that when I look back on an entire week, or multiple weeks, and try to remember all the television I’ve watched, I usually can only remember one or two things.

For example, I very distinctly remember finishing the entire series of Friends, some of the Oscars, and Downton Abbey. But I don’t remember much beyond that.

Is it possible that those three shows are all I watched during the past two weeks? It probably is.

And can we take a moment and just think on the fact that Friends ran for 10 seasons? TEN, you guys. That’s amaze balls.

Here’s what I can remember watching from the past two weeks:

Friends – Series wrapped up! Hooray!
The Mindy Project – Three episodes
New Girl – Two episodes
Downton Abbey – Two episodes
The Oscars – Some of it.

Big Sur
Magic Beyond Words: Biopic of J.K. Rowling

In better media news, I’ve been reading the past two Sundays instead of watching TV. Otherwise I would have finished Friends the previous weekend. 🙂

Also, now that the series is done, I’ve moved into the realm of movies. I’m weary of binge watching the same characters and story lines over and over. Movies are contained within just a few hours, so I can take in the plot, character development, and wrap it all up in a nice little package in three hours or less. Plus, with the Academy Awards done and over, and having seen only one of them, there are plenty of good movies out to take up my time, instead of wasting it on mediocre television.

Although, House of Cards season three will be released this weekend. So. There’s that.

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