this weekend in media

movies, television

I watch an ungodly amount of television. Every Monday I am amazed at the amount of television I consumed during the weekend. In an effort to hold myself accountable every Sunday night I’ll write down when I watched during the previous week.

I’m prepared to be embarrassed, you prepare to be appalled.

On Netflix:
Friends, entire second season

Comcast OnDemand:
Becoming Jane
Girlfriends Guide to Divorce, 8 episodes
Agent Carter, 3 episodes
Vampire Diaries, 1 episode
Hart of Dixie, 1 episode

On TV:
SAG awards
Downton Abbey, 2 episodes

I’m considering altering the way I watch TV by incorporating some exercise into the program. Sort of like drinking games for movies and the State of the Union.

Oh! I watched the SOTU this week too. 🙂

Anyway, these little cheat sheets are all over the internet, so there’s really no excuse for not doing at least a little something. Plus, if I’m not allowed to sit still while watching television, then I might not watch as much. 🙂

On the plus side of all this, I did go for a 2.5 mile hike/run and got a little feels-so-good-sore. So there’s that.

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