last friday of january


You guys! It’s the last day of January.

I’m not quite sure where the month went. I’m having trouble computing that tomorrow is February, and it’s only four weeks long.

As it turns out, winter in Alaska hasn’t been too bad. There’s been chatter around town that the season has been mild, and I’m pretty ok with that. This place isn’t like the rest of the state that gets humongous amounts of snow. It’s mostly rain around these parts, and we’ve already had a foot of it in 2014.

Either way, It’s Friday. The weather is supposed to be decent today and this weekend. I scheduled time on my calendar to go to the gym so that is FOR SURE happening. I have a couple projects lined up, along with some chores to do. The weekend has all the makings to be a good one.

This morning this article caught my eye: Stop telling single women they’re fabulous. Except, we totally are. But she has a point.

PolitiFact fact-checked the State of the Union. Because that’s what they do. And it’s that time of year.

I clicked on this link — because J. Crew — and squeeeeeed with joy. Hooray for spring color. In case you didn’t already know, Jenna Lyons is a genius.

Discovered these blogs this week: Kendi Everyday, Making it Lovely and The Fresh Exchange.

Currently reading: Chasing Alaska, by C.B. Bernard. I met the author in December when he came through town and he was so crazy nice. And I’m loving the book. So it’s a win-win.

Happy weekend!

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