2014: the year of reading

2014 goals, reading

This year, I want to read one book every month. I mean, 12 books in one year is easy-peasy, right? I think it should be.

I started off to a good start. I picked up this easy read and finished it during the first week of the year. Score! Now I’m on to other, more long and dense books. If I start now on February’s book, that’s a pretty good headstart. Right?

January’s book was The American Heiress, by Daisy Goodwin. I was totally having Downton Abbey withdrawals, and just like the cover said, this one totally satiated my appetite for turn-of-the-century drama. It was a light, fluffy read, so I moved through it quickly. I can’t say I’d recommend it for any serious reading, but if you are looking for something light that moves quickly, this is a nice option.

One book down, 11 to go.

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