new tree skirt

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It’s been quite a while since I decided to take on a crafty project. I’ve been thinking about it for a couple months or so, but didn’t quite find the right one to whet the appetite again.
I did fiddle with a Halloween costume, which was pretty fun. Enough to get the idea going, but not enough to satisfy the hunger.
With the holiday season approaching, I decided to pick one project to complete each week through New Year’s Eve. They’ll be mostly small projects, hopefully completed within a few hours and not expensive. We shall she what I come up with.
Obvs Pinterest is the perfect place to find some awesome DIY projects. So, naturally I scoped out the possibilities there. And, quite perfectly, I found this tree skirt. Since I was able to acquire a Christmas tree this year, but do not have a tree skirt, I decided it was the perfect thing to kick off the season.
I picked up four yards of bleached muslin at the local fabric store and, thankfully, I already had a canvas painting drop cloth in my stash of stuff. (I am continually amazed at the stuff that made the move to Alaska.) I also grabbed some red ribbon and already had a glue gun and practically new bag of glue sticks.
Thanks to my awesome roommate (former) I had my cutting mat and rotary cutter in my possession, which made quick work of cutting the four yards of muslin into two-inch strips. (I ended up using about three yards or so.)
I cut the canvas cloth into a four-and-a-half foot circle, and got to gluing the strips of fabric onto the canvas, pinching it along the way to create ruffles.

It’s a good thing I have Hulu and some shows to catch up on, because this tedious and takes a long time.
Also, it seems my legs don’t like being curled up in a ball on the floor for long periods of time. A sign of old age maybe? Oh well. It didn’t stop me much this time around.
Either way, I ‘finally’ finished the ruffles and glued some red ribbon along the top edge, leaving some tails to tie a bow. I need some more ribbon to finish the other edges, and most likely need to pick up more glue sticks as well. There was only one glue stick missing from the bag, and now there is only 4 left over. Glue eater, this project. But since I finished it with my sanity in tact, as opposed to sewing it, I’d say it’s worth it.
Anyway, now I have a homemade tree skirt! And I’m rather surprised how good it turned out. Haha. And I rather like it, which is a nice bonus after working for hours on something. 🙂

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