snapshots: part three

inspirations, life

A moment from some morning April 2013:

“I catch the 7 o'clock bus where everyone is feeling a bit lethargic and keeping to themseleves and their earphone and books. Me included.

I notice a few rows in front of me a man with curly white hear, a beret balanced on his head. He is holding a Kindle mere inches from his nose and his head bobs left to right like a typewriter. The font on the device is set very large, I can almost read it from where I sit 10 feet behind him. I could see what he was doing and it was not strange.

But a few seats in front of him was a man who boarded the bus at my same stop. He had been pacing and wiggling his hand while he waited. He sat in a half-hunch half scowling around the bus.

When he notices the whote haired head bobbing while reading the Kindle, his scowl turns from a half-scowl to a three-quarter scowl. And then he yawns.

Slowly his three-quarter scowl turns to a Braveheart yawn. You know that face Mel Gibson makes while playing William Wallave in Braveheart? That face that just happens when he yells about freedom?

“They can take our lives, but they will never take our freedom!”

That face. As I sit upon this 7 a.m. bus, watching a white haired man bob his head from left to right, and William Wallace yawn in my direction, I wonder how many other senedipitous moments I missed while keeping my head down and minding my own business.”

 edited for tense and clarity

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