snapshots: part two


This quick note was created April 27 as I sorted and packed and prepared to move. I came across it “by chance” today.  I remember the emotion vividly. Though it has since passed and there is no sadness, the memory of the sadness is close to the surface again.


“It seems to be one of those days where the smallest moment reduces me to a puddle of tears. A sweet message, a statement of courage, a kind act, a romantic gesture all have the power to send my facade of strength crumbling to swim in my moat of emotion. 

 Packing and sorting last night was difficult. There are so many items I purchased because they were beautiful and the perfect thing. It's hard to start over when those perfect things are still perfect, but for a different life. And when that different life is trying to push itself back to the surface, and you are treading lightly on the cracked glass, getting rid of those perfect things is that much more trying. 

 Each perfect piece was purchased for a reason and holds sentimental value. Each one filled with a good memory and feeling. It's hard to separate the clothing from the feeling even though I know the memories stay with me. It is only the clothing that is leaving.”


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