morning ritual



Last week I awoke the socond time to what I would call pouring rain. It was coming down enough for me to take my umbrella on Ellie's walk, not like at 5 a.m. when it was only drizzling and didn't warrant the protection of my hood.

Since the same thing happened yesterday, an an office mate confirmed that it does actually rain like this all the time, I'm gonna go ahead and call this part of the new routine. Time will tell.

Aside from be inconvenient and chilly, it's pretty cozy and makes me drink lots of tea. It also conjures up a hankering for baken mavaroni and cheese with bacon so I'll have to get the comfort food thing under control at some point.

When I arrived zi picked up a new tea to celebrate. That and I collect them the way I collect nail polish, movies and books. Which means I have them all in abundance.

Anyway, the back of this box of sweet cinnamon spice says “each cup is a sotry, unfolding with ever sip.” Which feels a little bit deep for first thing in the morning, but as I gathered my warm mug and settled in front of the window to watch the float planes take off and the boast come in, it felt just abou right.

And to draw a somewhat cheesy parallel, wouldn't each day be a story, unfolding with every step?


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