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I found myself writing periodically through the day when I got bored so this entry is more like a running commentary than a recap of the day…

Day 5 has been both long and passed quickly. Sleep did not come easily, nor was it restful. I think it is greatly unfair that those who snore loudly and keep other up have the most restful sleep. Totally not fair. I was able to get an hour nap in the late morning while our travel took the boat out of the channel and into open water giving me the greatest chance to experience motion sickness. Lucky for me I’ve been in a hammock a bit recently and could talk myself into thinking I was floating in a hammock and not rocking back and forth on a boat.

The car deck is open only four times a day and for only 15 minutes. I think Ellie has been coping with it just fine, though this last time she was more urgent to get out of the car. She has yet to go to the bathroom, though in talking to a couple other dog owners, I have learned this is not uncommon. She is eating and drinking her water so I know she isn’t too stressed out. In fact, she has found her bag of food in the car and torn it open. There is now three days worth of food strewn under the seat. I was able to save a good amount of it so she will still be able to eat between now and Sunday night when I will be heading to the store. Hopefully she won’t cause any damage trying to get to the kibbles under the seat. Silly dog.

There are plenty of pleasant people on the boat. Lots of older couples and people headed to summer jobs. There is another girl my age traveling with a dog on the ferry for the first time as well. I have yet to find out why she is headed North, but we have been able to chat with each other about dog stress. What a funny people dog moms are. 🙂 Here we are stressing and worrying about our dogs when they continue to be just fine.

At this point there will be two more car deck calls, one at 8:15 pm and 12:15 am, before we are scheduled to arrive in Ketchikan. It seems there has been no lack of things to countdown over the past 5 weeks. And if I’m being honest, I’ve been counting down since January, so there’s that.

The boat has shown movies most of the day, which has been nice to pass the time. There is a history of Alaska playing now. The last thing I wanted to know is that mosquitos survive in the Alaska tundra. Is there no escape from those things?! But the pictures and scenes shown have been beautiful and I am glad to be moving to such a lovely place.

I thought it would be sad if I spent the whole 36 hours of boat ride through the Inner Passage in a dark room so I headed out to the deck for awhile. It’s been raining since sometime in the night, I’m sure, and will continue through the day. It’s not as chilly outside as I expected, but I’m glad I was wearing my hoodie. The landscape rises quickly from the shore and the islands are covered with pine trees. Fog stays close to the ground and the grey sky and water highlight the deep green of the trees. It is striking, though I wish the sun would shine.

We had another jaunt into the open ocean this afternoon. The swells were bigger and we had more rocking than before. Not so easy to convince myself that it was hammock-motion and not ocean-motion. I went out onto one of the observation decks to look out the windows until the rocking settled a bit. They were showing “Trouble with the curve” (which I liked) in the theater room and I really wanted to see it so I went back in a little bit before I normally would have. It turned out ok, no throwing up though I did feel uncomfortable for awhile. But it wasn’t as bad as I get on the bus ride home from school sometimes so I knew it would be ok. The blessing and curse of having motion sickness your whole life is knowing exactly how sick you are.

There is more chill in the air than earlier today and the fog is thicker. As far as I can tell we are still scheduled to arrive at 7 am tomorrow, though we left an hour late yesterday so I’m not sure if that will be amended still or if we have made up time. Or if that is even scheduled in. And I’ve realized I don’t really know anything, I’m just along for the ride.

It is interesting to me that the channels we are passing through are deep enough for boats our size. the islands are pretty close together, making a narrow channel. I wonder how much water we actually need to float and pass through?

It’s finally sort of sinking in that this is a one way trip. I’m not doing this in a week to go back to Salt Lake. And now that I’ve come this far it’s actually ok that I think about my life in Alaska. My life in Alaska. Weird. I’ve not allowed myself to think about it or dwell on it too much since there was so much to do and a long way to go before I got there. Now I’m more than half way through this last leg of the journey, if now’s not an appropriate time to think about it then I don’t know when is.

And after 28 hours on board ellie finally peed and pooped. hurrah. I don’t think I’ve been so excited about her poop before. what a weird thing.

Also, I have pictures from the trip but until Internet is hooked up at home they are stranded on my phone. I’ll post them later.

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