loading on the boat

Happy Travels, life

Day four complete and it included a lot of waiting. I woke up at a decent hour, adjusting nicely to the time change. We stayed in the hotel until almost check out and then found a really nice park to hang out in until the time for check in rolled around.

We checked in at the port and then got in line to load. And then waited THREE hours in the sunshine to get on the boat. Yes I got a little sunburned on my left side.

Loading on the ferry was a little weird. I drove onto the main car deck, and then onto an elevator that took me to the upper car deck. I was given instructions while squeezing into a small spot. After a slight miscommunication with the fellow giving the instructions, and I’m pretty sure he belived I really had no idea what I was doing, I manuvered the car into the correct spot and sighed a big sigh of relief. It was a pretty crazy tight spot.

I then gathered my stuff and proceeded to leave Ellie in the car. Which totally sucked.

What also sucked was being without cell service and wifi. Sigh. The problem with being totally connected all the time is what happens when you become unconnected. It’s a wierd sort of solitude.

While we are moving we are allowed in the car deck only at certain times and for only 15 mintues. The problem is that everyone has their dogs out of the car at the same time and in these cramped small little places. When Ellie is stressed she shakes like it’s 17 below freezing. So for most of the 15 minutes she sat on my lap shaking like a polaroid picture instead of relieving herself. Oh well. The next car deck call is at 12:15 am. hopefully she will have to go bad enough then.

My mom was really worried about me getting motion sick during the ride. I wasn’t concerned about it at all and it seems I was right. I can barely tell we are moving and if it wasn’t for the constant rumble and vibration I would feel like I was in someone’s basement in a recliner watching the Amazing SpiderMan instead of on a ferry cruising past Canada in a recliner watching the Amazing SpiderMan.

And at this point I wish I had earplugs. There is already a fellow sitting two rows behind me snoring up a forest. Sigh. I think it should be mandatory for people who snore to get their own room. To preserve the sanity of everyone else.

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