Destination: Bellingham

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Third leg down! The big ferry ride is tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it. A bit nervous about how it will all work out, but only because I’ve never done it before. But I am looking forward to the adventure.

Ellie was a trooper again today. I made it a point to travel earlier in the day instead of later so the sun wouldn’t be in her eyes and it worked out pretty well. She really is a great traveling companion.

Spokane was a really beautiful place. The big river was so nice and the cool morning air smelled of mud and trees. It reminds me of camping in the mountains, which was always a good time.

Though there is something here that is triggering my allergies. I’ve never really had an issue with allergies before but today I sneezed so many times and my nose and eyes itch. Hopefully it’s something in Washington that isn’t in Alaska too.

We traveled a beautiful stretch of road. I spied Mt. Rainier in the distance. I had forgotten how wide the Columbia River is and was amazed at its size when we crossed over it. And coming through Snoqualmie Pass was simply breathtaking. After coming through the pass I came down into Seattle which I’ve only from the air so driving through it was fun. Hopefully I’ll be able to explore during an extended stay in the near future.

Another hour North brought us to Bellingham, our destination. This is a fun little town too. I took a turn around the dock where we will load tomorrow before heading to the hotel. I took it easy and relaxed in the hotel room all afternoon knowing that I would have all morning tomorrow to poke around historic Fairhaven before we get on the ferry.

Also, I spent the first half of the drive really irritated with the bird that pooped on my window and prevented many picture opportunities. But I’m over it now. And my window is clean again.

Destination: Bellingham

Destination: Bellingham

Destination: Bellingham

Destination: Bellingham

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