moving to Alaska

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I’m on the road to Alaska. Sort of, I’m pit-stopped in Idaho for another night then I’ll make the big drive to Washington tomorrow and board the ferry for Alaska Friday afternoon.

It’s weird to think this is happening. I’ve been planning and thinking about this whole thing for months and here it’s actually happening. It’s kind of strange for me.

I’m breaking the almost 13-hour drive into two days, stopping in Spokane tomorrow. I haven’t taken a long drive through Washington before and I’m excited for the scenery.

Ellie has enjoyed the visit at my sister’s. The kids are always quick to oblige a belly rub and Ellie couldn’t ask for better company. Plus there is an acre of lawn for her to romp and roll and chase birds.

I finally packed and put everything in the car that would fit on Monday, it was pretty intense process, deciding what would go to Alaska and what would say. I thought my possessions were pretty minimal before but this trip has added a new meaning.

I’ve heard stories of my sisters packing cars and trucks for a move but haven’t really had to do it myself to that extent until now. While there is plenty of stuff I parted with and will have mailed to the destination, I certainly got a ton of stuff in my car. I’ve earned my Clark stripes now I think.

moving to Alaska

moving to Alaska

moving to Alaska

moving to Alaska

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