i went to alaska

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“I shouldn't have been surprised that all I could see of the of the airplane window above the northwest was clouds. But they were beautiful clouds.”


“Snow capped mountains give way to dark bottomless valleys shadowed from the sun by endless clouds and all I can see are tiny lakes reflecting back at me.”


“Suddenly the cabin air smelled of coffee and gin and tonic and I was reminded of everything I had come from and felt a little homesick for the familiar. I was headed into the unknown, magnified by the book telling me tales of the Utah desert while knowing I was headed to the Alaskan forest.” 


These are a few thoughts I recorded while visiting Alaska a couple weekends ago. As it turns out, I am trading in my Utah shorts and sunglasses for Alaksa's fleece jackets and rain boots. And what an adventure it will be. Every day I look forward to it more and more.


No worries, my hammock and fly rod are coming along for the adventure.


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