it’s time for a break

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It's official, the semester is half over. Orginally I had planned on going to Death Valley for the week. I craved a place where my cell phone wouldn't work and I wouldn't be able to check my email every 15 minutes. (in reality, it's probably every 5 minutes) But funds have been tight this month and driving 10 hours each way for just a couple days of quiet really kind of lost its appeal. So in Salt Lake City I shall stay.

And then I won't have to leave Ellie behind either. 

And it's not like I don't have plenty to do while I say here. There's always laundry and dishes to get done, plus a house to clean, but I could do with getting my taxes done and my room cleaned out and decluttered as well. There's a tree in the backyard so I can still string up my hammock and check out of daily life if the weather is nice. 

The problem is I've been having a hard time concentrating on just one thing. I'm constantly jumping from a to b to c and rarely making it back to a in a timely manner. 

Case and point, while typing this post I decided to update my phone and ipad then got distracted with organizing my pictures and then downloading new podcasts. I thought I would listen to one while typing and that didn't really work out either. Even the music playing now is distracting me. *Le sigh* I'm breaking out the coffee shop noise.

And since this morning I've bopped around starting a whole bunch of things and not really finishing any of them. It's time to get focused. Though I am glad I finally learned how to take video with my dslr.

Maybe I'll feel more motivated after I eat something. And while I'm out grabbing food I should swing by the bank and run by Target. And I have a hankering to create something but I'm not sure what. I'm sure a trip to the craft store would solve that problem… but so would Pinterest and I'll spend two hours there and not even realize I still haven't eaten and now the bank is closed and I don't really want to go to Target anymore.

See what I mean? This is a real problem.

I'll get to Death Valley another time, I'm sure.

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