two months and counting

life, The U

Yeah, it's been awhile. Thanks for reminding me. 

It's just that, y'know, it's busy around here. 


But things are moving along. The semester is half-way over. Can you believe it?! Only seven weeks left. I'm not sure I'm quite ready, I feel like I'm still trying to get used to my schedule and I'm working so hard (too hard?) to stay on top of everything.

Last week was fall break and I was able to mostly enjoy a whole week off from school and being on campus. Needless to say I slept quite a bit. But with other commitments on my time I was still quite busy. I'm sure that ended up being a good thing, it did get me out of bed and showering every morning. 

At the end of the week I headed down to Panguitch Utah to do a story about some pharmacy students doing rural community outreach. It was a fun trip and wrapped a whole bunch of firsts into one tight little package for me. Traveling for a story, camping by myself and visiting Bryce Canyon. All good times.

Visiting Bryce was amazing, I'll share some photos from that later. 

And while it was all fun and I got some rest and I feel like my normal chipper self again, I didn't learn anything about Photoshop or web coding like I had totally planned to do. Oh well. I guess that's what winter break is for, right?

Either way, here's a short update to let you all know that I'm still alive. And there are a few thoughts kicking around my brain that don't have anything to do with first ammendment rights, communication technology or politics that as soon as I get another moment of free time I'll share with you. And some pretty kick-ass pictures too.

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