Weekend Recap

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I've been itching to go camping for the last month or so, and when it came up in conversation, Lauren and I jumped at the chance to make it happen.  

She plotted our route to Flaming Gorge, one to Dinosaur National Monument with a finish at Starvation Reservoir. The weather was perfect, camping spots were great and the roads were free and clear. We could not have asked for much more.


Flaming Gorge 


Green River leaving Flaming Gorge


Dinosaur National Monument at The Quarry (that's Lauren)


The storm we had been leapfrogging with, finally got away from it


When we found  our campsite we immediately took our dinner and happy hour to the water front to watch the sunset and enjoy the cool breeze.


And what a beautiful sunset it was!


And I was glad to be home with running water, flush toilets and this little corn dog.


School starts in a week. It's hard to believe that the summer is over already.  It's time to buckle down again and get back to the books.  The summer has been great and I really needed it, but I'm ready to get back down to business.


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