things i’ve learned while working at pepsi

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While cleaning up and cleaning out these past couple weeks I have thought of things that my workplace has taught me.  Here they are, in no particular order.

-They don't make you pay for new nameplates when you change your name or department.

-The paper shredder demolishes name plates and security badges.

-The guys will use your lotion no matter how floral it smells.

-Keep a scrapbook of the thank yous and congratulations becuase there will be really crappy days and you'll need something to remind you of how valuble you really are.

-I enjoy the comfort of a warm beverage in the morning while sifting through an ungodly amount of email and voicemail.

-I really am capable of handling multiple things at once. Expecially if it was my mistake that started the chaos.

-I really hate making mistakes.

-The best time to laugh is all the time. Except in staff meetings.

-Always laugh in staff meetings.

-It really is possible to get out of bed at 5 am on a Sunday to go to work.

-Sometimes someone following up with you is a good thing.

-Don't leave your car unlocked in the front parking lot, someone will steal your radio. Especially on Santa Day.

-Truck drivers may be creepy and smell really bad, but they're just people too.

-You have to be willing to set your own boundaries.  If you don't, they will. Which means you won't have any boundaries.

-No matter how much work you do, they will always give you more.

-Don't admit how much you actually know. Hold those cards close and wait for the opportune moment, Pirates of the Carribean style.

-It really is possible for tomorrow's plan to change 5 times today.


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