the last week

employment, life, quitting, work

This is the last week I'll work here.

That was my first thought this morning once I was coherent enough to have a thought. For seven and a half years I've gotten up every weekday, and some weekends, and come to work here. 

I'm fighting the very strong urge to pack up my personal items and high tail it out.

This workplace has been such a security blanket.  For a long time I thought I would never leave here, I didn't want to. But as life progressed and my perspective changed, I knew this wouldn't be my long term employment. But I kept plugging along, getting my work done and staying happy.  I was grateful to have a job that supported me and didn't send me running home to mom and dad when things went south.

The time for me to jump ship has come.  I've been able to create some amazing opportunities and to be able to take full advantage I have to move on from here.

Some people get emotional when the end comes. I saw a few people get emotional about the end of the school year, end of college, end of living in a certain place. I'm not feeling emotional about this.  Surprisingly I feel just numb. There's nothing at all, just a shrug of the shoulders and a thought of “Alright, this is it. Here we go.” I'm pretty square with the decision to move on. It's time.

There's plenty to get done before I head out. I'll work my eight to five every day this week and go home to spend time with my snuggle dog and enjoy the sunshine.

And at some point during the week I'll get the satisfaction of clearing out my personal items and driving away in my car just the way I've wanted to for the last 2 years.

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