It’s the end but that doesn’t mean it’s the end

life, The U

It’s the end of the semester and its hard to believe. The 16 weeks of this semester have passed very quickly. But I’m so ready for a break. I need to sleep in and think about only one thing at a time. I’ve been doing school full time and work part time along with writing for the Chrony. I need a vacation.

But I’ll be spending my two and a half weeks away from school working full time. My last day at work is coming quickly and there is much to get done before I no longer have to think about making soda. A day that I’m looking forward to.

Soon after my last day at work I’ll start school again, two classes for the first session of summer. They are only six weeks long and I’m expecting them to be a lot of work. But half way through June I’ll be set free again and I’ll have two months to enjoy the sunshine and relax.

Except for the whole summer I’ll be working at the Chrony. We won’t be putting out a daily paper, we are only printing twice a month. But there’s a lot for me to learn and I’m looking forward to the work.

In the middle of all this there are a couple vacations planned. First, a trip with friends to Zion National Park to hike The Narrows, something I’ve wanted to do since I was a teenager. The opportunity had never presented itself until recently and I jumped at the chance to make it happen. The second is a week in Boston. This makes me happy.

So while school is wrapping up and final assignments are due I’m looking forward to finally having a break. Which won’t really happen until mid-June. And really, I’m pretty ok with that.

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