only 7 more days

countdown, homework, life, spring break, The U

It's Monday and I'm back in the library. Shortly I'll dig in to my reading and get more writing done for the analytical paper due tomorrow.

But right now I take a break. I catch up on my social media. Write a few emails, text a couple friends. I find the music groove and organize the rest of my day. Drink my still-warm tea and get cozy in my seat. I'm gonna be here for awhile.

I dig in to my reading and get my paper done. I think about the article that needs to be written and turned in this afternoon. I think about the hours I have to spend at work later today.

Yeah, I get paid for it, but it feels like such a waste of time these days.

I scan my brain for my social agenda. Nothing. For now. Not true, snowshoeing Wednesday night. If I get my work done and make there in time.

And at this point I can't help but think about spring break, next week. Only 4 days of classes until I'm off for 10 days. 6 days of work until I leave. Only 4 papers due, 9 more class sessions, 2 newspaper articles to turn in.

It seems I've started a countdown.

Only 7 more days.

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