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The weekend was eventful. I was able to pack up my essentials Thursday and Friday night, borrow a truck to move it all, solicit some help to do it, and get it done in one day. Whew.

Since I tend to obsess about moving for the entire month before it actually happens, this is one for my record books. Decided to make it happen on Monday, moved on Saturday. Though there is still a lot of stuff at the apartment to be sorted, donated, and tossed. The best news? I didn’t mess up my hip this time. I’m still walking upright and sleeping just fine.

I’ve been in the trend of moving every year, let’s hope I broke the pattern with this one. I barely fit in the space alrready so there isn’t much fear of accumulating more stuff. 🙂

This move has given me a roommate. It’s the first time I’vehad a roommate since college (10 years ago) so it’s a bit of an adjustment. But Dani’s great and it hasn’t been hard at all.

I have Ellie back living with me which has made the last 36 hours pretty awesome. As we both settle in to our new digs her little personality shows through and we’re doing just fine.

Dani has a little dog too, her name is Annabelle. She is a weiner dog shiitzu mix and is a sweet fun little dog. When Dani gets home the dogs run to the door to greet her and she says “Hi little weiners.” Makes me laugh everytime.

We spent the weekend without heat and hot water. II just put more layers on and snuggle under a blanket. But if there isn’t hot water for a shower tonight, I’m knocking on the neighbor’s door.

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