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There is a paid internship.

There are positions open at the school paper.

There are clubs and associations on campus I want to be involved in.

The problem? After I get out of class I leave campus immediately and go to work.  Then I go home and do homework for 4+ hours.

I don't have time for all of it.

But can I really afford to say that? This is my resume, work experience and future I'm talking about here.  And didn't I just commit to the huge investment that is higher education?

But can I afford to quit my job? Maybe, maybe not. The finances all work out. I can make ends meet. The internship isn't until the summer, but the school paper will provide invaluble experience that I just don't have. And it will take time that, right now, I just don't have.  Except I do have loans for cost of living and my rent goes down next month post-move.

So can I really afford to say no to the invaluble experience?

Not really.  All I can do is try.

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