what freshman 15?

The U

.74 miles, about 200 feet of elevation gain.

This is not a trendy exercise program, it’s my walk to class. Which means each day I walk 1.5 miles round trip. Add the elevation gain and 10 pounds of backpack and its definitely work.

The freshman 15 hasn’t been an issue for me this time around. Which is extra nice since I’m not a freshman. Instead of college decreasing my activity level, going back to school has increased my activity level a great deal. So instead of gaining the customary 15, I’ve lost about 5. This puts me back at my summer weight when i was running 15+ miles a week. While my eating habits consist mostly of eating out, and include more hamburgers than I should admit, I am trying to integrate more healthy proteins and calories.

My biggest struggle continues to be eating breakfast. I just don’t want to get up early enough. So I grab something on the go, swing through the drive through for lunch, and am usually too tired to really think about dinner when I get home so I make tea, grab a PB&J or fry an egg and call it a day.

After reading 20+ pages about the feminist movements, ethics in journalism or news writing of course.

Life is too busy to worry too much about what I’m eating, what my weight is or if what I’m doing currently is sustainable. I trust my body to let me know when I need something different than the status quo.

And right now my body is telling me I need a nap.

what freshman 15?

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