goblin valley

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Dani and Lauren picked me up Friday afternoon and we began our trip to Southern Utah.  Having never been to Goblin Valley or Arches National Park near Moab I was beyond excited. All of us were eager to get out of the city for a couple days and have an adventure.

And adventure we did. 


We set up camp just before dark on BLM land just outside of the Goblin Valley park. We had a surprisingly yummy dinner of rehydrated food and some of the best hot chocolate I've ever had (spiked with cinnamon whiskey).  Soon we were too cold to continue sitting outside and decided it was time for sleep.

We knew the temperature would fall below freezing and came prepared.  Or so we thought.  I'll just say, I've never been so glad to have a pair of handwarmers. The zipper on Lauren's bag broke so she was exposed to the night air all night. The condensation released by our breathing froze to the inside of the tent. And with a nighttime jont to release the contents of my bladder, really cold does not even begin to explain it.


Upon waking in the morning, we realized that because we were in a canyon we would not get direct sunlight very soon.  Lauren suggested we head into Goblin Valley and make breakfast there. Agreed! We quickly packed up and headed into the park.





Goblin Valley is a sight to see.  These weird little rock formations for the 'valley' floor by the hundreds.  They really do look like the perfect place for little creatures to hide. They are so cool.

After breakfast, coffee, and a short wandering around the goblins, we walked a short trail to an overlook.  The movement was welcoming after the cold night and shivers.






After the hike we climbed in the car and headed the few hours south to Moab and Arches National Park.

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