day 9, 10, & 11

photo challenge, photography

day 9: daily routine

This one made me laugh.  Since it was the first morning of the camping trip there wasn't much about my daily routine that was the same.  But we did make coffee and I did brush my teeth. So here, my daily routine, just done in a different way.


day 10: childhood

This small saucepan has been in my life since childhood.  I got it from my mom who got it from her mom. Almost everytime I use it I hear my mom say “it's the perfect size for a can of soup.” That it is mom.


day 11: where you sleep

This morning I woke up cozy and too warm. Which is something I haven't felt the last two nights.  Camping in sub-freezing temps has brought me a new appreciation of being cold. (the homless people are in my thoughts today.) Not that I'm some tough chick who wears shorts and scoffs at people complaining about cold.  No way. I love that I've been walking around barefoot in my apartment this morning and my toes haven't fallen off. Nor will they. More than the flannel sheets I sleep in, is the apartment that shelters me from the snow that fell last night. This morning I wake up grateful.


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