colors + photo challenge

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I was re-introduced to Color Me Katie the other day. I forgot how colorful and fun it is. If you need a pick me up of sunshing and rainbows, this blog will do the trick.

A few of my favorite posts from Color Me Katie:

 Mr. Blue

Organized Mess

Cleaning Day

My friend Lauren shared a photo challenge the other day. I've decided to participate.  The challenge comes from Fat Mum Slim and is only 31 days long. I think that's something I can handle.

Day 1: Me


Day 2: Breakfast


Day 3: Something I Adore


Whew, only 28 more to go…

ps – add #janphotoaday to your tweets to play along with everyone else! (if you want to play along of course. if you're more of a play alone-er then no pressure.) 


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