the future is full of options

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I've learned this week that if there is something I want, there is usually more than one way to get it. 

For example:

There's an east coast internship I want SO BADLY. I thought for a while that doing the intership was going to be impossible. I learned this week, that it's so possible. And there are options. 

One – There is a national student exchange program that allows me to switch universities for a semester or school year at the cost of in state tuition. Classes taken and GPA earned count toward graduation at The U.

Two – The U offers enough online courses that I can remain a full time student while living and interning 2000 miles away.

And that gets me so excited I can hardly contain it. 

Now that the intership is actually possible, I'm concentrating now on what I need to do before then to make me the best possible choice for the job. You know what that means? I'm creating a road map and planning for things that will happen at least a year from now. And I'm totally in my element.

Other events that I have options for? Where I'm gonna live in January. Where I'm gonna work part time while going to school. If I'm even gonna work while going to school. Selling my car and relying on public transportation. Extracurricular actvities. To roommate or not to roommate? 

There is a lot happening over here and it's exciting. While sometimes I wish I had finished school years ago, like everyone else who graduates high school and consequently finishes college as fast as possible, I have no questions about being better equiped emotionally and mentally to manage this journey at this point in my life. 

And for that I am grateful. Because this experience is gonna be awesome.

In other news, if little piglets didn't grow up to be smelly, dirty, gross, fat pigs, I'd totally want one.


Piglet 1

Piglet 2

Piglet 3images via

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