my life in pictures

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Since I was… 15 years old I've had an SLR camera within reach.  I hardly travel without it. There is hardly a family get together where my trusty camera is not present. 

But a couple months ago, while on vacation even, my camera stopped working. After some research, I've discovered that it can be repaired, though I haven't sent it in yet. It still sits tucked in it's case within reach. Still unuseable. And while it's not really a big deal, I do miss it.  It's been strange to not have something that I've had at my beckon call for 13 years. Taken for granted even? 

Of course, I've spent a small amount of time thinking about this little… experience. (Let's be honest, would I be me if I hadn't overthought this?) I realize that there are many many people out there that don't have a camera other than the one built into their phone. Not that there's anything wrong with it, I've just never been that person. I even thought about exchanging it for a small point and shoot that would be MUCH more convinient to carry around with me. But while researching my upcoming college classes, I decided I'd be better off getting it repaired. (photography class ahead)

But for now, I get along fine without it. And while flipping through the pictures I've collected over the past couple months, I find that I've been addicted to instagram. But can you blame me? It's just so fun!









This last one of a sticker on a window was discovered after a particularly hard weekend. It's been a sweet and simple reminder since them.



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