how do you measure?

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How do you measure your friendship?

By the secrets you tell?

The level of fun you have together?

How long you've known each other?

The experiences you share?

The intangible connection that makes you feel like you've been BFFs since birth even though you just met?

How comfortable you are around them?

The things you have in common?

Do they take care of you when you're fall down drunk?

Will they give you a ride to the airport?

Do you trust them with your PIN?

Taking care of your pet for an unspecified amount of time?

It's been an interesting experience for me, all the people I've met over the last few years.  I know that these people are in my life for an unspecified amount of time. Some will be long term friends. And some will stay for a short time, making us friends while our paths converge and become the same, before they again lead in different directions.

I find it hard to measure friendship, as though it is not something to be measured at all but only enjoyed and respected. 

I have found that everyone I meet has something for me, none of these meetings are coincidence. In some way all these people have added to my life and my experience. And I can only hope I have added to theirs. 

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