i find that i miss it

inspirations, life



I have found that I miss having this blog. Which I find to be a bit strange since it was such a relief to release myself of the self-induced pressure of it. Strange.

It's not that there is so much or even nothing going on. It's not that there aren't friends, family, or loved ones. It's not for a shortage of people to whom I report my stories. I just miss the blog.

Every day contains a story for me. Every day there is a trigger that brings up a memory, emotion, dream, wish, thought, or internat conversation. Those are the things I used to write out, feeling the release with every click of the keyboard. Without that release, those conversations, thoughts, feelings, and dreams quickly fade and I forget them. I would rather remember them. 

I believe it to be more about the writing and the sharing process.  I feel the stress of the upcoming changes and the absence of the journaling that used to happen on a daily basis defenitely leaves an empty space.

To keep it light and not increase the self-induced stress, I give no commitment on how frequently I will share. No commitment for direction or content. I'll share when I need to share.

But if I know me like I think I do, it'll be more often that I think. 


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