the healing blog


During the last four years this blog has given me the outlet to say the things on my mind and the things I feel in my heart with people who care about me. Or at least pretend to. 🙂 

For a long time I made the joke of not having any friends. And while there were people around me who cared, it was mostly the truth. There were not people I hung out with, shared with, or confided in. I had never before, or since then, felt more alone. This blog allowed me to make it through that period of time.

I've been feeling for most of the summer that this blog has run it's course. I no longer need this outlet to express myself through words. I no longer have the need to share thoughts and stories and details. Because I've returned to me. And I've found friends. I've found purpose, direction, and validation. 

The next 7 days mark two very important and personal anniversaries for me. And for the first time in 3 years, I don't want to talk about it. I find this to be a significant turning point. 

So farewell blog. You've been good to me. But it's time I got on with the rest of my life in the real world.


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