summer rain

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It was the kind of storm that makes me take my chair outside with some hot tea.  I sat on the patio with my toes on the railing so they got a little bit wet.  The rain brought a certain chill that cooled the air and earth.  I felt the thunder in my chest and watched the lighting flash.  I smelled the hot pavement evaporating the water as it fell and the dirt turning to mud.

Rain has always been a symbol of rebirth, being washed clean, and renewal.  And as corny as it sounds, I felt the rain renew me.  My senses, my outlook, my energy.  I felt refocused.  Even after I returned inside, I left the door open and I could hear the drops falling and the wind blowing and I had a new energy.

I spend so much time thinking and planning that when I found myself out on the patio just… listening, I was a bit surprised.  I started to wonder, what does this mean?  What am I processing?  What am I feeling? And then the stillness I had went away.  I got fidgety and restless.  I needed a pen and paper.  But I stopped. I sat back down in the chair sans paper and pen.  And I let it all float away.  And I just listened to the rain fall. 

This storm was less about processing and thinking and planning and totally more about… just being.  Just feeling.  And it was so good.  

Is it possible to over-think when you're not thinking at all?

So here's to less planning and more… being.

I love summer rain.

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