saturday saturday


Good news: There's a gap in the fence that cuts the walk to Target in half.  Yay!

In other news:  I find myself currently addicted to Twitter.  It's like unread email, I have to look.  I can't have a banner that say “3 new tweets” and not see what they are.  What if they're important?!?  Riiiight.  Because Twitter is so important.

Which reminds me, I've been obsessing over the internet the past week or so.  It's time to unplug for a while.  But not yet.  It's really bad timing since I have an online class or two coming up soon.  

Blast it all.

But also soon is a vacation on which I will not be taking my computer and internet connection.  I will veg at the beach.  I will ride roller coasters.  I will visit Hollywood.  And while I will not be doing these things sans phone, I will not be doing these things while constantly connected to the internet world.  It does my mental-self good.  Like milk for the brain.

So before I give up the internet for 5+ days, I'm hoping to teach myself a few things.  Since books are free to borrow at the library, and I have it for another week, I'm hoping to get some good information out of it.

Photo 188

Though learning by osmosis really would be faster than actually reading it.

Happy Saturday!

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