first things first

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Growing up

Thanks to my parents, I was taught to do first things first.  Which means that on Saturday the first thing I do when I get up is make my bed and get dressed.  I've been groomed to get the chores done early.  The faster the chores get done, the faster I get to play.


The problem with this is I'm a procrastinator.  I leave term papers to be started, proofed, and finished until the last minute.  I leave dishes in the sink until it overflows.  I *think* I still need to change my address at the DMV.

I should check on that.

I'm sure there's some collegiate study from somewhere that says we are all some type of procrastinator.  Right?

I leave the clean clothes piled on the bed, while I do absolutely nothing all day, until 15 minutes before I crawl under the sheets all zombie-like.  Then I bust a groovy move on those clean undies and all of the sudden I feel good about my day.  

As I'm sure so many say, I just do better under pressure.  A long list + a short deadline = a productive little me.  The things that need to get done?  They get done when they get done.  Deal.

I'm now an adult (as the computer viruses, car registration, and tuition + fees have so kindly reminded me) and I don't always do the first things first.  And who can blame me?  That's just not very fun.

The problem is there is no other adult to defer to.  I am the adult.  While I'd rather be fishing, reading, laying in the sun, or hopscotching down the lane, I have to think about things because there is no one else to think about them.  

 So while I'm dreaming about my sunny vacation coming up where I get to lay on the beach and not move unless I want to (or have to pee) I am first concentrating on getting the rent paid.  And if I save up those few extra dollars while I'm at it, vacation will be that much more enjoyable.

See?  I'm so grown up.

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