overheard while poolside

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The pool is one of my favorite places.  Always has been.  Always will be.  There is something so relaxing about melting away in the sun on a deck chair.  Laying in the sun takes me back to a simpler time and place…



The problem is that everyone else likes to melt away in the sun too.  The pool deck turns into a collection place for all sorts of people.  Including the most annoying young girls and their boyfriends.  Because of this, I've overheard some pretty strange things.

“I'm not going to the funeral because I can't bring my dog.  My dad won't let him in the car and my uncle hates dogs.” Sound like a relative in close relation.  Don't you think you can leave your dog at home?

“Babe don't push me in.  Remember what happened last time? I broke up with you.  Do you want me to break up with you again?”  Please push her in. You can do better than that drama.

“I really like this song. But who is singing with Eminem?” It's Dr. Dre my dear.

“He's an apprentice now.  He quit his job at Blimpies to be an apprentice.  I don't know what he was thinking.” He's thinking long term my dear.  A sandwich shop will only get him so far.

I don't think I ever sounded like these girls.  Or looked like them.  I mean, I did wait until I was 25 to get a nickel sized tattoo on my foot.  I didn't go out at 18 to get a stamp that only looks good when skinny and tan.  But since I was recently called a little tramp, I could be wrong.  

Overhearing things said by 18 year-old girls makes me realize there is another generation entering the world of grown ups.  And these people don't know who Dr. Dre is.  

Heaven help us.

One thought on “overheard while poolside

  1. I don't think you were ever as empty-headed as the quotes you just gave. Who on earth called you a tramp? Good grief!

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