it’s not always about me


I'd like for this to not be about me.  Except that blogging, in concept, is mostly narcissistic.  I find that I take all kinds of situations, comments, and metaphors that start out having nothing to do with me, and twist them in such a way that makes them relate directly to my life.  

After all, it is all about me.  Isn't it? 

My nephew graduates from high school today.  He was born when I was… 9?  He's been in my life longer than I've been in my brother's life. 


I remember the summer he was born.  I'm sure somewhere there is a picture of my 9-year-old self holding a newborn baby boy.

The point is, 10 years ago next month I graduated high school.  Today, he graduates high school.  He was at my graduation.  I will be at his.  


he's the cutie patoot in yellow

It's times like these that make me marvel at the path life takes.  The repetition, the pattern, the cycle.  Those things that are important to you, like family, dreams, health, love… sometimes life gets out of balance.  It takes special people, and special moments, to remind you of those things and help you bring those things back into balance.  My nieces and nephews are those people for me.

It's been exciting to watch him grow up.  I feel as though the younger generation is stronger, they have way more to deal with than I did.  He's been strong and steady and constant.  Much more than I ever was.  Or probably ever will be.

I envy his position right now.  I remember when I graduated I felt as though I had the whole world at my fingertips.  I was standing on the edge, ready to leap into the… future? It was mine for the taking.  And while I don't regret the direction my life has gone, I sure haven't done much taking.  

But now he and I stand at the same position, though 10 years apart.  The world is ours for the taking, we are dreaming, planning, wishing, hoping… Ready to experience the next thing that life has in store for us.

And so to you little nephew:

Live it fully.  

Trust your instincts.  

Love your family. 

Hope for the best.

Make mistakes.

Let someone break your heart.

And no matter what happens, smile.  Laugh.  It will be your greatest ally.

Love always,



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