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I've had a love affair with words ever since I can remember.  Before I started school I was memorizing lyrics and singing songs while falling asleep to children's music.  In elementary school I went to the library during recess to get a new book instead of playing on the swings or chasing the boys.  As soon as I was old enough to check out more than one book I did, and I stayed up all night reading them.  There is always a book in progress and I don't discriminate, they all provide me with something valuable.  

I've been captivated by the imagery, the escape, the adventure, and the solitude that books and words provide.  

This video was recently shared with me.  In a very visual way it shows the power of words.

If it loads slow or is cut off, go here.



Other web findings:

Dear Ex Girlfriend:  A series of letters written by a dude to the girls he's been on at least one date with.  It's entertaining.  And since the world of relationship bloggers is highly saturated with females, this dude blogger is totally awesome.  Plus, the fact that he's a sports-loving, Boston-living, mortgage-paying, hot-blooded dude just makes it more interesting.


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