when i drown, will you get me?

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My ma.  Circa 1965.  Isn't she a dish?! 

Yesterday I was out at the pool for an hour soaking up the sun, repairing my soul, relaxing, letting go of stress, treating myself to an hour of quiet solitude. As if I need more solitude.

Also at the pool were 4-5 more young people like myself, and a mother with her 2 kids, a girl about 5, and a boy about 10 or 11. The 2 kids played and played, wandering from the deep end to the shallow end to the hot tub and back.  At one point the girl was swimming in the deep end by herself, with floaties on of course.  She calls to her mom,

“Mom?  Can I try it with out these?” referring to her water wings. 

“Not over there.” replies mom.

The girl got out of the pool and came around to the shallow end and began to strip off the inflated plastic bubbles on her arms.  She looked over at her mom, and in a very serious voice says,

“Mommy, when I drown will you come get me?”

Immediately the mom responded with “When you drown?  How about if you down?  Honey, I don't think we should plan on you drowning.”

Every single person laying in a chair began to chuckle.  Seriously, it was impossible to not laugh out loud.

But it got me thinking.  Of all the women in my life, there isn't one that wouldn't risk everything to save their child.  Is that part of being a mom?  Giving it all to ensure the child is happy, healthy, well adjusted?  

I know my own mother would give her right arm if it meant protecting my life.  Or the lives of my siblings.  I also know she feels the same about her grandchildren.  Knowing there is someone out there that has that kind of love for me… it's humbling.  It makes me wanna do right be her.

Maybe someday I'll be lucky enough to have a kid of my own.  Maybe I'll be lucky enough to have a baby to love and spoil rotten.  To go to games, help with homework, take on trips, and love with the most incredible love that only a mother feels. 

To my mom, my sisters, my adopted moms, teachers, and friends: Happy Mothers' Day.

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