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Every year in Salt Lake City, on Mother's Day weekend, the city hosts the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  I did it once, maybe 4 years ago?  It was incredible emotional.  There are so many people there, the amount of ladies wearing pink shirts (which recognizes them as breast cancer survivors) is staggering.  I spent the whole time remembering the women in my life who had died because of breast cancer.  

Do you realize how hard it is to breath, let alone run, when your hugely fighting not to cry?  It's physically painful. 

As part of my prep for the half marathon in November, I decided to participate in a few races this summer so that I'll be prepared for the 13.1 miles. For the first race of my series, I'm doing the Race for the Cure.  It is a 5k, which is 3.1 miles.  

The point is, I'm not one for fundraising or announcing the things I'm involved in, but I've been feeling like I should let you all know about this one.  If a donation is something you feel like you want to do, please go to www.komenslc.org.  It's very easy to donate online.  No pressure.  🙂

Also, go here to find an event in your area.

I've been selfish with my time and it's about time I became involved in something bigger than myself.  I'd love to hear about the things you are involved in.  Will you share with me?  

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