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There have been a few things on the web this week that have stayed with me.  And now I pass them on to you for your weekend leisure enjoyment. 


On the journey of realizing that the only person who can give me security is myself.

I keep returning to this one looking for an update and find myself confronted with an exploration of balance.  And balance is exactly what is missing for me.  

This post from her husband.  The very first paragraph made me tear up, someday I hope someone feels that way about me.  And by the end of the post I was bawling.  Good grief.

This ingenious engagement party.  LOVE the idea of having big engagement parties and an intimate wedding.  LOVE.

Love this flower garland.  Mingled with cafe lights for a backyard party? Yes please!

Picture of NYC from the perspective of Brooklyn, taken last September during a perspective changing trip.  Feeling ready for another perspective changing experience.

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