quite the list


I have built quite the list for myself this weekend.  And I'm pretty excited about it.  While it has the regular chores like laundry and dishes and grocery shopping and homework, also included is 3 fairly big projects.  And I'm crazy excited about them all.

Also starting today is a countdown to a very exciting trip.  Only 11 days away and on the horizon.  So much needs to happen between now and when I board the plane, I'll be taking some time today to get it all down on paper so I don't leave anything out.  I've been avoiding thinking about the trip, it's been a while coming.  If I start to think and plan too soon I'll drive myself crazy, now that I'm past the 14-day-mark it's time.  And I'm super excited.


In Ellie news, yesterday morning, while I was otherwise occupied in the shower, Ellie went shopping in the trash can.  She was very excited to find the bacon wrapping and half a loaf of bread that was starting to mold.  Ewww.  She liked that bacon package clean and helped herself to three slices of moldy bread.  Wonderful.  In the evening she seemed to be just fine.  Her energy level was normal and she wasn't bloated.  But her toots did reek something awful.  Yay for stinky toots.  She seems to be back to her normal non-smelly dogself this morning.


Note to self, take out the trash sooner.

I'm off to start work on this monsterly fun weekend list.  I hope for day is warmer than mine. It's chilly outside!


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