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I continued to ponder on success vs. failure yesterday for most of the day.  Not in a life stopping, process altering way.  Just keeping in the front of the mind and revisiting the thought every so often.  And that's incredibly typical of me.

It wasn't until the evening hours that I received the reminder I was looking for.

“The only way I can fail is to stop trying.  My other blunders along the way are just lessons.”

    – Jessica Constable

Jessica is a small creative business owner.  She makes jewelry.  I thought the interview was interesting.  It reminded me of the time I saw J.K. Rowling on Oprah.  

Yeah, I watch Oprah.  Sometimes. It's better than Tyra.

Rowling was saying that we are so focused on the success and how to get the success, but we don't often enough talk about what to do when you fail.  Because failure is inevitable, it's what you do with the failure that counts.  When you are in a place so low, how is it that you turn around and go toward the success instead of wallowing in the failure.

It's a matter of attitude. It has to be that simple.

The only way to fail is to stop trying.  To admit defeat.  To give up.

Yesterday I felt on the brink of failure.  On the edge of decision.  Of not trying so hard anymore.  Of saying it is too hard, too difficult, too uncomfortable.  In those moments I have to decide if it's worth fighting for.  

And of course, that's all a bit more dramatic than it really was.

And it is worth fighting for. Really, it usually is worth fighting for. So I put on my game face and made it through.  I have new resolve.  New determination.  A new outlook.  Because if I can pull this one out at this point in the game there is nothing that can beat me. 

And it's not up to fate to succeed at this.  It's up to me.  I decided and I'm gonna do it. As Rowling says, once you hit rock bottom, what else do you have to lose?

Cheers and happy hump day.



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