what i’d rather be doing…


Y'know those license plate frames that say “I'd rather be fishing”?  I've seen all kinds of these.  Fishing, flying, sailing, hiking, mountain biking, sleeping, doing taxes…

While I can relate with the sentiment I've not seen a phrase that I would run out an purchase.  (And even if I did I prefer a plain frame anyway but that's beside the point.)

There are plenty of things I'd rather be doing instead of whatever mundane thing it is I'm supposed to be doing today.  Today sleeping tops the list. Along with sewing, reading, going for a run, taking Ellie on a walk, taking pictures, throwing things away, lunch with friends.  Of course, if I was independently wealthy, I'd go on a trip or do some shopping.  

So here's the million dollar question, why am I not doing those things?  Besides not being independently wealthy, there is no reason. Except that I don't call in sick to work unless I'm sick.  (another habit to thank my dad for.)  But I'm not above scooting out early to preserve my mental health.  


Today is a blue kind of day and I don't like it.  So I'll be taking steps to ensure that even though today may be ugly, tomorrow will be sunshiney.  If that means staying up late, working on projects, or skipping out a few hours early to sleep all afternoon, I'm willing to do it.



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