time to curb the crazy


I really like those moments where I sit down with a hot beverage and my notebook and pen.  I write down all the things that need to happen including errands, chores, homework, crafts, all the want tos and the need tos.  I write down everything that is swimming in my brain and clogging up the process.  

Then I forget about it for a day or so.  I return to the list with a fresh mind and perspective and review it.  Things get crossed off, reorganized, re-prioritized, and refigured.  And then I move on to things that are a bit more fun.  

Like coffee and a good book.


And two crazy dogs.


And breaking out the big camera for a bit instead of using the camera phone.



Because they are so much cuter when they aren't grainy.

I've realized over the last two years that I waaay over think things.  Not just some things but every thing.  And while this keeps me rational, logical, and from going off the deep end, it also holds me back a bit.  Last fall I knew that 2011 would be the year to get me ready to make the calculated moves I had been planning to make forever.  

But already the year has exceeded my expectations.  There has been no settling into a rhythm.  There has been no routine.  No schedule.  The plan has effectively been tossed, shredded, and flushed.  A new plan is in the works.  It's bigger and better than I ever planned before.

And I love that without the first plan, the second plan isn't possible.

So here's to progress.  One step at a time.



One thought on “time to curb the crazy

  1. Is this a dog you are dog sitting or do you have two now? I enjoy your introspection; I love to write.

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