I've been slacking on my responsibilities.  Of the financial variety.  


You see, there was this really cute sweater that was perfect.  And then there was the dress.  And the dress needed shoes.  Except that I really didn't need any of it and I got it all anyway.  

And there's this trip coming up.  The one to Puerto Rico.  And while that trip isn't until November, there are possibly a few trips between now and then.

I've moved recently which brings new utility bill totals, new rent, new gas expense, new restaurants to try, and my feet to get back under me.  And after paying bills last night, I've discovered that a very important goal is still with in reach. 

So I have a proposal.  To recommit.  To recommit to my financial goals.  

So we're to the dotted line.  What does all this jabber mean?

It means this:

There continues to be no event, vacation, or date that requires a new pair of shoes.  Or bag.

More eating in and less eating out.

Homemade coffee.  Because let's face it, a mug of black, french pressed, Columbian blend is still better than a grande skinny vanilla latte.  Any day.

More Redbox and less Blockbuster.

More homemade fudge and less ice cream.

It is time for me to return to thinking financially.

Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.

Thanks for the wise words dad.  They will forever haunt me.



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2 thoughts on “recommitment

  1. Dad's always have just the right motto at just the right time. Can you wear the dress to your November trip? If so, then consider it an investment. If I know I want to buy things for a trip, I will make a list. Then, once the list is completely checked off… I don't need to buy anything else new. Speaking of which, I should probably make that list!

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