from one thing to the next


It's Tuesday afternoon and I have a small case of the blues.  I'm sitting at the computer eating vanilla and peanut butter fudge and drinking water from a blue aluminum bottle.  The bathroom smells faintly of Irish Spring soap.  I'll be making myself a cup of coffee later that will pair nicely with the vanilla caramel fudge still waiting for me in the fridge.  

Even though I'm skipping class tonight I'll be up late getting ready for the next phase of the week.  Dog sitting.  Ellie and I will trip over to stay a few days with our dog friend Bella while her human road trips it to Napa Valley.  Cross your fingers for sunny weather.  

Tonight I'll be finishing up some homework, paying bills, balancing the checkbook, and packing for the next 5 days which includes the need-to-be-done laundry.  

This all makes me think, is it possible to pass through one experience and move on to the next experience without being changed in some way?  I don't really think so.  It seems to me that everything I experience changes me.  I'll go ahead and say it's a good thing.  My perspective changes.  My thoughts change.  My needs and wants and plans change. 

I realized a long time ago that altering the course as needed is essential.  Staying on the same path is not always possible after being changed by an experience.  Being open and willing to change is always the better choice.  And while I live a structured and fairly non-social life, being open to the change brought by other people has brought me some incredible happiness.  

So here's to moving through one experience and welcoming the next with a new perspective.

And diving head first into the rabbit hole.



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